* Subscribers index link their vacation money to protect themselves against inflationary rises in their holiday property portfolio instead of throwing it away on renting other owners properties through internet booking.

* Relaxing in your own vacation home means you beat dynamic pricing and go when you want to go rather than when you can afford to go. You pay only a small annual charge to contribute to the annual management of the portfolio and a booking fee to cover the occupation costs such as cleaning, laundry etc.

* The ability to allow us to swap your properties with other owners around the world without paying membership fees or extra room rates to their owners. Beach side pool villas, City Centre suites or mountain ski lodges. You choose and we handle everything. Sit back and wait for the excitement to unroll before your very eyes.

* Allowing us to hand pick a diversified selection of properties in the high demand locations allows you to go where you want not just what is available.

* Investing the money you’d otherwise loose by renting properties, the Trustee guarantees to return your Net Subscription fee on the maturity date as set out in the Articles of Association of the Company.

How much? Well we guarantee to return at least what you paid. So how much exactly? Well how much did you parents buy your family home for twenty five years ago? And how is it worth today? Exactly! So, sit back, enjoy the warm see breeze, the crashing of the waves against the shore or the fast pace of the best city center breaks and Property Plus will grow the money the other less financially astute vacationer loses every year by renting properties rather than owning them.

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