Our developments are and will be primarily new or recently build or renovated leisure apartments, hotels, condo hotel rooms and other leisure related real properties. Often we look at areas where the demand for leisure occupation is greatest. It also means that we should always be able to sell the properties at the end of the relevant subscription period, given that almost all of them will be in demand as a Buy To Let Investment.

We stick to a strict selection criterion for projects, including:

- Maximum price limit for end unit sales values.

- Minimum depreciation.

- Minimum maintenance expenses.

- Often the ability to lock out the project for a period of due diligence via an option (under certain conditions).



PROPERTY PLUS is specialized in the acquisition and management of leisure properties and currently holds a large portfolio of Resort and Hotel accommodation rights designed for the growing leisure industry.

Why Leisure and Why Property?

Both leisure and property have been proven to be very stable assets in the mid to long term.

Also well managed leisure properties tend to give a return, which will more than cover the maintenance costs.



PROPERTY PLUS currently holds leisure properties in many countries around the globe including the UK, USA, China, Thailand, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and more.



PROPERTY PLUS has and will purchase hotel interests in various high demand locations. The attractiveness of hotels is not only driven by their holiday location but also by occupation rates of rooms. Therefore, we only invest in city locations with leisure potential such as Bangkok, Shanghai,Frankfurt, Berlin or London.



Currently PROPERTY PLUS holds a substantial interest in Nest Hotels International, A condo hotel group with hotels in Central and Southern Europe.



Nest Hotels are budget boutique hotels, with ‘No Frills Chic’ as their motto. Designed for the budget-conscious traveler, needing quality and efficient hotel accommodation with a touch of originality, charm and personality, and attractive pricing. Nest Hotels are of a cool and futuristic design. Central to this is the state-of-the-art living space.



The rooms are an innovation on traditional hotel accommodation designed to fulfill guests’ overnight needs at a very competitive price. Rooms come tastefully equipped with Plasma TV, Tea/Coffee facilities, Desk/Chair, Wi-Fi Internet Access and full "Wet Room" complete with Power Shower and WC.

By careful design all of the above luxuries are “nestled” into an economical space, making Nest Hotels able to offer low cost luxury rooms to its guests. Nest Hotels also offers a buy-to-let investment potential to its own investors which provide returns of more than 8 % per annum over and above the capital appreciation of the property.





PROPERTY PLUS has and will acquire land for future development in those areas where our subscribers wish to holiday. This includes certain countries in former Eastern Europe, China and India. PROPERTY PLUS is also acquiring land on golf and other recreational developments, along with various options to purchase in the USA, where a strong mid to long term growth in demand is expected and we anticipate a large demand from our subscribers. Unlike some more speculative investment programs PROPERTY PLUS does not buy land without building permissions in place and we can therefore be assured that we can take advantage of a short development period in order to satisfy holiday demands from our subscribers.



Few financial concepts have caught on as quickly as “BRICs,” which stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China, the “Big Four,” rapid-growth economies on the earth today. Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill coined the phrase back in 2003, but it now has come into well-known use as a symbol of the shift in worldwide economic power away from the developed G7 economies in the direction of the developing world.



By dint of their sheer size and population — and their collective judgment to embrace their own specific brand of capitalism — BRIC countries are the economic way forward for the world. All together, the BRIC countries encompass above 25% of the world’s land mass and 40% of the world’s population. And thanks to their predicted quick growth by 2050, the BRIC countries might cover the joint economies of the present richest nations of the world.

China along with India will become the main worldwide suppliers of manufactured goods and services. Brazil along with Russia would be the world’s important suppliers of commodities.

The BRIC countries in the present day already account for the combined GDP of $15.435 trillion dollars on a buying power basis. By that measure, they are already together larger than the United States.

Here is what Goldman Sachs had to tell in its original report “Dreaming with BRICS: The Path to 2050,” published in 2003:

-  China’s financial system will exceed Germany in the next couple of years, Japan by 2015, and also America by 2041.

-  India’s development rate will be the highest — not China’s — and it will overtake Japan (today the world’s second-largest economy) by 2032.

-  BRIC countries’ currencies can go up in price by 300% above the following 50 years, providing a large tailwind for investors in BRIC assets.

-  Taken together, the BRIC countries can be better than the America and also developed economies of Europe within 40 years.


If anything, Goldman Sachs is becoming more bullish on the BRICs because it published its first report. The size of China’s economy overtook Germany’s economy in 2008, a year prior to projected, but will overtake Japan in 2010. Goldman Sachs now believes of the fact that Chinese economy will overtake the United States by 2027. And with India accounting for 10 of the thirty fastest-growing urban areas in the world and 700 million people moving to cities before 2050, its impact on the world financial system will be bigger and quicker than implied in 2003.

PROPERTY PLUS is committed to identifying key opportunities within the B.R.I.C. emerging markets that will stimulate growth and profit, our aim is to maximize the upside of every opportunity, by taking advantage of market conditions whilst balancing the possible downside in a structured manner.



 -  Population - Combined they contain 43% of the world's population

 -  Their economies hold real potential looking 5-25 years into the future, far more than established Western economies.

 -  Growth potential - For example, India's economy is expected to grow by 6%+ in 2011 whereas the UK economy, according to the European Commission, is expected to show virtual stagnation in 2010/11

 -  New economic superpowers -The Chinese economy could overtake both the UK and German economies from 2015 onwards and it's expected to deliver over 1 billion new consumers to the global economy over the next 25 years

     One of the key points of the BRIC countries is that as these countries develop more money filters down to the general population which in turn gives them more spending power for goods and services as well as property.



- We dedicate vast amounts of human resources in performing due diligence in the designated countries.

- Localized regions are then inspected area by area.

- Real estate is evaluated based on current local market conditions which are used to calculate the end sales price.

- Planning permissions are sought and/or confirmed with local government authorities.

- Exit strategies are established based on both local and international demand.

- The real estate purchase is negotiated and legalized.

- We only introduce investments to PROPERTY PLUS that have proven or promise to generate better than average returns.

- Our continued success depends upon unswerving adherence to this standard.

PROPERTY PLUS monitors every development and developer that works with the company in any capacity, and full due diligence is a pre-requisite on any project offered.






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